Brian’s Song

Page 23 from the series Before the Pirates Came*

Miranda quickly lost interest in campus parties with her boyfriend and his moronic drunken friends. His roommate’s claim to fame was that he could jam the cable box with a pair of toenail clippers so they could watch the Playboy Channel for free. The others were somewhere further on down the food chain.  Of course, this was all before the pirates came.

Brain Parker Hall drove back into town for their second date. Miranda lived in a white brick house that had been converted into apartments.  She lived on the third floor, an attic nicely finished with dormers and divided by a curtain of bamboo hanging beads… very Sonny and Cher.  A row of potted plants sat on a shelf by the window looking thirsty and sad.  Miranda stashed her dirty laundry and put a stack of dirty dishes in the oven so the place would be presentable if Brian came up for a drink.

She was waiting by the door wearing a white sweater dress, three coats of mascara, tall black boots, and a wool coat with a Peter Pan collar– Elvira meets Jackie Kennedy.  Brian pulled up in a late-model Ford LTD Country Squire, a family man waiting for a family.  A Frank Sinatra song played softly on the radio.  It was one of Miranda’s favorites and Brian began to hum along.

“Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum… You came along and everything started to hum… Still it’s a real good bet, the best is yet to come.”  He looked at her and smiled.

They had dinner at a nice restaurant and exchanged stories of their hopes and dreams.  Brian was an only child, his dad died when he was young.  His mother raised him alone but couldn’t give him all the material things the other kids at school took for granted.  After graduating from college then medical school, he was determined to meet and exceed the success of any of his classmates. 

Miranda could see that he was well on his way, but never thought his forthcoming proposal would make her part of that plan.   They toasted to nothing in particular, but the golden glow of the scotch predicted a celebration, or was it a warning?  This was more than just a new boyfriend, thought Miranda.  This was a major lifestyle upgrade… or could be.  And Brian was thinking the same.

He dropped her back at her apartment, kissed her on the cheek, and hugged her goodnight.  He didn’t invite himself up, so neither did she. But when he called the next day and asked her to come visit him for the weekend, Miranda was very excited.  He was so smart, and kind, and such a gentleman– not the type of man a girl would have to worry about.  And besides, she couldn’t wait to see what the world of Brian Parker Hall looked like.

That week in English class she was doodling on her composition notebook, looking forward to her trip, and taking a secret glimpse at what her future might hold.  Mrs. Miranda Hall–  Dr. and Mrs. Brian HallMerry Christmas from Dr. and Mrs. Brian Parker Hall.  She continued to daydream and doodle with her pretty cursive handwriting and wondered about Brian’s plans for her very special weekend.

*This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



© 2011, Shoes for an Imaginary Life. All rights reserved.

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14 Responses to Brian’s Song

  1. Linda, The dirty dishes in the oven made me laugh. My husband did that once when we were first dating, the first time I came to the little trailer he was living in.

    As I read this, I kept thinking that Brian is already married, but perhaps that is not the direction this is going. He just seems like the kind of guy who might be looking for someone younger than who he already has. Anyway, I love how you’ve taken the timeline of the story back to an earlier phase in Miranda’s life after we know a bit of what comes later. I think it makes the story as a whole more intriguing.

    Peace and Happy New Year, Linda

    • Linda says:

      Evidently the dishes in the oven made your husband irresistable. I like that!

      Thanks for your kind words and interest in my story. So far, all your predictions about the players in my cast have been correct. But you might be surprised about what happens with Brian. I’ve had so much fun looking back and writing it down. ; )

      • I think the cocker spaniel with a mohawk, bunch of daisies, and cute smile might have had something to do with making him irresistable, too. :)

        Looking forward to the next installment of the story. Peace, Linda

  2. Debbie says:

    As I read “page 23″ I could hardly believe it. And it keeps getting more and more involved. And I keep getting more and more attached. :)
    God bless you . . .beautiful writing, Linda. You have a style and voice all your own and it is good! :) love and prayers for your days.

  3. Not only was I frat guy, but I was in premed. Never trust doctors!

  4. Jim Travis says:

    You are a great writer, a REALLY great writer. I laughed at the dishes in the oven thing too, it is a great place to temporarily store things when you need to clean the kitchen fast. I remember that from my bachelor days too. It is just important to remember them before you hit preheat on the oven again. So, do you have this all in book form and finished yet?. God Bless-Jim

    • Linda says:

      Yeh, I can kinda picture you doing the dishes-in-the-oven trick. The only thing worse than heating dirty dishes to 400-degrees is pouring boiling Jello water into a pretty glass bowl and watching the red waterfall run down the walls when it explodes. Funny the things we did way back when!

      Since I don’t know what “book form” is, I’ll have to say no. I’m only in WordPress form, but I’m thinking I’d like to go a step further. Can you direct me to a website that you’ve worked with? It would be fun to learn a little bit about publishing without getting so OCD over it that I forget how to WRITE!

      Thanks for your ongoing words of encouragement, and Happy New Year, Jim… : )

  5. ann says:

    Oooohh…. Thank you, Linda :-)

    I echo your other readers. Beautiful writing. I am totally enjoying it! Thanks for sharing these pages with us.

    I think I like Brian. Hopefully he’s not playing with Miranda’s head! (Or her with his :-) ) Now I have to wait until tomorrow (or later) to find out where this goes. Oh man! lol . I shall be ringing in 2012 away from home so I’m wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! at this point.

    Blessings much,

    • Linda says:

      Wherever you are, Ann… I wish you a very happy new year, and pray that every good thing you could wish for will come true for you soon. Some nights when I pray, I keep going back to Jeremiah 29, where God says His plan is to prosper us and not harm us. And then I think about the time Paul got a glimpse into the heavenlies and tells us that God is doing things on our behalf already even though we don’t know it. So I’m thanking Him in advance for what He is doing in your life. When something good happens for you, it will be a huge blessing for me as well. So I’ll keep praying. Hugs… wish we could sit down over coffee, but it’s nice being blog friends, too. ; )

  6. Theresa says:

    “Day dreaming and Doodling”…I still do that. :)

    You really write well. I wish you could be my writing tutor this coming fall.

    • Linda says:

      I really like the way you write, too. Wasn’t there one story about a tree, and a description so deep and vivid you picked out every small detail and even gave the tree human emotions? A weird assignment, but you did a really good job. : )

  7. Ferd says:

    I’m still skeptical of a 30 year old guy wanting an 18 year old girl. Sounds creepy.

  8. Miki Warton says:

    Those who have lost a record of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the impulse to produce dreams becoming reality and the tendency to miss lunch.
    Daily I buy up and look with the Forbes set of the richest us residents. If That’s not me there, The year progresses to operate.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for visiting, Miki. You sound like you have a strong motivation to succeed in business. I hope you’ll stay tuned to see where Miranda ends up… ; )

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