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Miranda crawled out from under a sea of flannel sheets, a chenille throw, and a down comforter stuffed inside a soft duvet.  She toasted toast, curled her curls, and put on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8– the Largo movement called “Winter”.  She delighted in the fact that her electrical worries were over.  Her craving for another Oreo cookie, however, was not.

In an hour Tiller was picking her up at the Boat Basin.  He had a new car and was eager to take it for a ride.  Miranda was excited about going with him.   Their destination:  a college football stadium in a nearby state.   A controversial former first lady was scheduled to give the commencement address– graduation was just ten weeks away.   Heightened security and emergency preparedness measures were paramount.

Tiller’s preliminary plan included the midwest’s best snipers strategically placed throughout the stadium. An advance team with dogs would sniff out explosives and discretely placed threats before any guests, graduates, or the esteemed speaker arrived.  In addition, bomb sniffers would be stationed at points throughout the facility.  A joint effort by all levels of national security, state and local police, as well as the university’s special services unit would be on hand before, during, and after the event.

The stadium and its surrounding areas would be zoned ”no fly” on graduation day. University officials required zero areas of vulnerability–  upgrading infrastructure was a must. The school would provide heightened security at every gate, and ushers would provide an extra set of discerning eyes.  Good, but not good enough.  That’s why Emerson James Tiller was known as the best in the business.

“Worst potential disaster, Miranda?” It was a rhetorical question.  “It would have to be a fire.  Try to imagine the catastrophic reaction among more than 100,000 unsuspecting fans.  And let’s be honest… there would be rampant trampling and people falling to their deaths. It would be a horrifying scene.  We’ll know more once we get there.”

Tiller’s worst case musings continued.  “How about an explosion or a bomb? If there was an explosion at ANY sports stadium, it would cut attendance at every single game in the nation. People just wouldn’t go, for fear of losing their lives. It’s a disturbing thought.”   He took a sip of water, his wheels still turning.

Heading up the ramp and merging onto I-75, a long Mayflower moving van roared past the BMW 7-Series, cutting us off without warning.  After Tiller spoke a few choice words under his breath, he asked Miranda if she had ever loaded and moved a house full of furniture.  She discreetly rolled her eyes, and said she had not.

“Wanna hear about the time me and my buddy Raymond loaded the biggest moving van you’ve ever seen?”  Was he about to trust her with more presumably classified information?

It was a side of her boss she hadn’t expected to see– ever.   The ride to the mysterious university would be more interesting than she thought.

 14 On a good day, enjoy yourself;
On a bad day, examine your conscience.
God arranges for both kinds of days
So that we won’t take anything for granted. 

Ecclesiastes 7:14   (The Message)

To be continued…

*This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 2012, Shoes for an Imaginary Life. All rights reserved.

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21 Responses to Tiller confidential

  1. Jan says:

    I’ve been longing for more about Tiller. He is such an intriguing character!Tell me more!

    • Linda says:

      Tiller is still one of the most important figures in my life. There was a second robbery in the spring (worse than the first) and I was a wreck. He offered me a condo to stay in while the investigation and court proceedings took place. I visit him every Thanksgiving to say thank you. : )

      The thief was a career criminal, would never have the money to pay me. In real life, I was already a Christian. I forgave the debt and gave him a Bible to read in jail, and a letter full of encouragment. It was one of the best moments as a new Christian lady. ; )

      • Jan says:

        some people say that forgiveness is more for the injured person than for the offender. I think both are blessed in the process. What a wonderful, affirming experience for you. We never know what impact acts of kindness may have. You may have touched that person’s life forever. You have certainly touched mine.

        • Linda says:

          Y’know, it was surprisingly not that big of a deal. I was so happy to do that, and I still pray for that guy when I think of him today. He could be leading a Bible Study passing it on to the next guy. ; )

          Very sweet comment… thank you.

  2. .endtransmission. says:

    This Tiller character really has proven to be quite interesting. I’m wondering how he will impact Miranda’s path….. This is good stuff, Linda. Keep it up. Hey, what about those Oreos?

    • Linda says:

      Two thumbs up for Tiller… he is a quality man and a great example of what bosses should be like.

      About the cookies… I can eat Oreo’s whenever I want. Eating them with a marine tech just makes it that much more special. : )

  3. Theresa says:

    I am intrigued, too. What an exciting life she is leading! :)

    • Linda says:

      Exciting, but maybe too close to the edge. For anyone who loves learning and thrives on challenges, it was an amazing ride.

      If Miranda can stay sober, all the better. : )

  4. Larry Who says:

    “…The ride to the mysterious university would be more interesting than she thought…”

    Huh? I’m left up in the air with no Oreos in sight.

    Okay, I’m ready. Let’s turn the page now.

  5. Debbie says:

    Oh, oh, oh . .. wonderful scripture at the end, AGAIN! You rock at this, you know that don’t you? :) I am so glad that Tiller is such a good guy and boss for Miranda. She surely needed that! hugs and I’m ready for the next page with Larry . .. and for some oreos!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for saying I rock. There have been some very good days, and lots of writing helps. ; )

      And yes, there’s something about those cookies…

  6. Linda, I love the scripture at the end, too! It seems as if this is one of those good days for Miranda. It’s about time she had a few of those. Peace, Linda

    • Linda says:

      Linda, I thought of you when I was surfing Bible Gateway for a good version of this scripture. The Message sure has a different way of saying things, but if I had never read the Bible, I think I would like it. Any thoughts?

      • Linda, I haven’t read a lot of The Message, but when I have read it I’ve never found anything that seemed to convey anything other than the truth of scripture. It does tend to be much more readable for those who are unfamiliar with the Bible and could be a good starting point for some. Peace, Linda

  7. Ann says:

    Oh boy….

    Interesting! He’s human after all ;-)

    I’m ‘cheating’ cause I get to read your responses too, but I’m liking the fact that Miranda seems a bit more relaxed…

    Intriguing piece indeed!


    • Linda says:

      One of the worst effects of alcoholism for me was low self-esteem. And the worse you feel, the more you need alcohol to make it all go away.

      Working at that job made me feel like a winner, and my lifestyle choices definitely followed. : )

  8. Tara says:

    You have perfected the art of knowing where to cut us off with these pages. Not fair! :-) Thankfully I am a little behind and can “fast-forward” to the next part in your story.

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