Secret Recipe

Page 73… in a fiction series

Miranda brushed herself off and headed straight for the kitchen. There was a recipe box in the pantry under the stairs. She took it from the shelf, looked inside, and held it close to her chest. She breathed a sigh of relief, poured a tall glass of iced tea, and carried the box to the dining room.

Without waisting a minute, she emptied the box and spread the contents around on the table, a puzzle waiting to be solved. Some of the pieces were special and brought back nice memories, while others she couldn’t remember at all. She sifted through the cards and saw there was hope. Where Miranda’s lawn and landscape nightmare ended, a new world of possibilities began.

Of course, there were no recipes in the box– this adventure was not about cooking. Miranda picked up a card, turned it over, and read it out loud.

Kenneth Mann
Maple Point Amusement Park
Landscape Architect

She picked up another.

Russell Frayne
American Airlines

She recalled that he was very handsome and spoke with an accent.  She slid that card to the right, away from the others.

The next one…

Martin Sheets
Sheets Memorials and Monuments
Family owned since 1968

He handed her his card at Jack’s Steakhouse in Charlevoix. Even though Miranda didn’t actually remember him, she recalled that he lived in one of the most impressive cottages on the lake.  He was single, successful, and rumoured to be alot of fun.  She placed the card next to Captain Frayne.

There must have been 50 business cards in front of her, all from men she’d met along the way, some on jobs with Tiller, others in bars at night. They’d say things like, “Call me sometime when you’re in town,” or ”Maybe we can do lunch.”  She was enjoying a walk down memory lane.

At last, the pieces were starting to fall into place! She would arrange the cards in priority order, choose the top 30, then go on a date with each one– 30 dates in 30 days. This would provide a nice variety of men for her to meet, and when all the dates were finished, she would pick the best one to be her husband.  Everything was going to be alright.

Miranda heard the rumble of a motorcycle.  This always meant something good was about to happen.  She was still seated at the table when Drew let himself in.  He had a bag of Chinese carry out and a coconut cream pie.  He leaned over, kissed her neck, and went into the kitchen for some plates.  Miranda got goosebumps and shivered.  Was it the General Tsao’s Chicken?  Or the way his skin smelled after a long ride down Lakeshore Drive?  She wondered…

By this time the cards were arranged into two neat piles– those that made the cut, and those that did not.  There were still a few loose ends, but she was happy with her work so far.  And she was starving, happy to take a break for some dinner.

“So what are you workin’ on over here, Kitten?  Looks like a big project.”

More goosebumps.  She melted like butter when he called her that.  Why did carry out with Drew taste better than any dinner at a five star restaurant?  For all the years she spent married and trying so hard to be perfect, Miranda wondered why it was so easy to be with him.

“I’m guessing by the big ball of twine in the front yard that things didn’t go so well earlier?”  He wrapped his arms around her then stopped.  She had regained her focus. Miranda held up one finger, indicating that she needed just a moment. “Do you recognize the name, D.W. Manos?  I don’t recall ever meeting him.”

Drew picked up the card, looked at both sides, but there was only a name, a P.O. box, a Miama address.  ”Miranda, what is all this stuff? What’s going on here?”

“You can pitch all of these if you want,” she said, handing him some cards that didn’t make the cut.

Drew really liked Miranda, more than he let on.  He wasn’t sure what she was planning, but something seemed very wrong. Drew took her hands from the table, squeezed them tight in his own. “Why don’t you take a break from your project. Let’s have some dinner and you can tell me all about it.”


To be Continued…

*This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


© 2012, Shoes for an Imaginary Life. All rights reserved.

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13 Responses to Secret Recipe

  1. Tod Hennen says:

    Ah, lots of reading of your story today. Haven’t read any since perhaps the end of May due to a wonderful vacation. This is good stuff, but when are you going to get to the part where she marries Lipman? Hee hee! :D

    Check messages when you get a moment.


    • Linda says:

      Marries Lipman? Dear Tod, you suck! : )

      It was so much fun keeping in touch while you were out west! I think I just read something about a five year plan. Sounds interesting!

      I arrived in Michigan Friday WITHOUT MY LAPTOP! Not my fault, of course. But I’ve been out of touch. It was HORRRRIBLE!

      Good to see you, Tod… hugs ; )

  2. Theresa says:

    If I were to stumble across this book at the Library I would definitely check it out. I can’t wait to read the next post. I would find Drew irresistible. I wish she would just throw all the cards away and live happily ever after with him.


    • Linda says:

      Thanks for that sweet compliment. I haven’t forgotten about Miranda and Drew, and yes, he is still as dreamy as ever. But I left my laptop in Ohio when we came up to Michigan for the summer, so now I’m playing catch up! Yikes!

      Happily ever after is a long shot, but we’ll see. ; )

  3. Ann says:


    I agree, Theresa. Happily ever after sounds like a nice place in time ;-)

    Linda, I wonder about the memories that live in the cards. Praying she will be wise enough to toss the ones that need to be tossed. Hopefully after dinner with Drew, she will allow hear head to make the decisions instead of going by her heart.

    Eagerly waiting for the next page :-)

    Blessings and thanks for sharing,

    • Linda says:

      Hi Ann… Interesting thought about memories lurking in those cards, even worse memories about the ones she actually chose. Time will tell whether the toxic patterns in her relationships with be broken or repeat themselves…

      Been without my laptop… sorry I disappeared. : )

  4. Larry Who says:

    Leonard Elmore said the greatest complement he ever received was a man came up to him once at a book signing. The man explained how he seldom read a novel, but he had read Elmore’s latest book in one night. He couldn’t quit reading it.

    Isn’t this what we all want?

    Okiay, I’m ready. Let’s turn the page.

    • Linda says:

      Every writer’s dream, I’m sure. I enjoy your vast inventory of neat quotes and sayings. Leonard Elmore is yet another. : )

  5. Debbie says:

    Will Miranda tell Drew what’s up with the cards? Will Drew stop showing up with take out? Will the Captain remember Miranda if she does call? Only the author knows!!
    I’ve been thinking of you today. Praying all is well! love and hugs!

    • Linda says:

      You are too funny. I’ve missed your humour, wisdom, and occassional nonsense ; ) Life is complicated, whether fact or fiction. And for the record, she didn’t call the pilot. He didn’t make the cut!

  6. Jan says:

    I hope she is going to confide in Drew, and that he can influence her next move.

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