North by Northwest

Page 67… in a fiction series

Drew Becker took a deep breath, tried Miranda’s cell phone again, trading his appetite for pizza with fear.  Judging by the number of empty bottles around the house, she would not be picking up her phone, and had no intention of being found that night.  Since the day they first met over a beer at Jack’s Steakhouse, they had become good friends.  And as far as that big dramatic kiss on the dock, Drew wasn’t faking.  He had been wanting to do that for a long time.

When Miranda bought her house in Petoskey, Drew came to see her often.  They ate their way through mountains of Oreo’s and watched Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest till they knew every line.  In the scene where the train enters the tunnel, Drew laughs hysterically, Miranda blushes.  For a guy on a motorcycle, he had a strange affect on her.

Even though Drew was nothing like Harry, with his British charm and bank accounts, she just enjoyed being with him.  Like a frisky Saint Bernard puppy, he chased her ’round and ’round, nipping at her ears till she was ready to play.  He was too big to tame and too cute to scold.  But when he visited Miranda in her dreams at night, she was always glad to see him.  

Drew Becker lived alone above an old boathouse on Lake Charleviox where he repaired boats by day, and wrote poetry by night.  In spite of the leather jacket, rough hands, and chrome pipes, he was sensative and strong–  a great catch for a girl who didn’t need lots of shiny things and diamonds to hold her interest.  Miranda hoped he would meet a nice girl someday, somebody special.

Since he didn’t have a yacht or a summer home in Maine, Drew relied on substance and grit.  He made her laugh, made her think,  made her cry.  Not on purpose, of course.  But sometimes their long talks carried her back to places she’s rather not go.  All the years of drinking had stolen away her emotions– she didn’t even know it.  Till now, her past played out in her mind like a fiction novel, not a story of her own.  Drew asked the tough questions.  By telling him the truth she was forced to be honest with herself.  

One night, curled up like a kitten against his broad chest,  those emotions found safe harbor and began to overflow.  It had been a long time since Miranda let anyone truly see her.  Though their relationship was strictly platonic,  Miranda secretly wondered if she was falling in love with him, a silly notion considering where their lives had been, and where the future would likely take them.

But now, with Miranda alone in Detroit, probably manic, possibly in danger, time was of the essence.  Drew was 300 miles away, north by northwest of the city, and had no idea where to find her.  He wrote down the number on the answering machine and dialed.  When Miranda’s mother picked up, he had no idea what he should say.

  To be continued…

*This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


© 2012, Shoes for an Imaginary Life. All rights reserved.

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12 Responses to North by Northwest

  1. Linda, I like this Drew! He may not be prince charming, but he is definitely a knight in shining armor. And Miranda is very much a damsel in distress right now, even if she isn’t ready to admit it. Peace, Linda

    • Linda says:

      I think Miranda has been a damsel in distress all along. Hiding behind her pretty things made her look emotionally stable even though it was far from the truth. Now it’s all starting to come out.

      At this point, she could be a handful even for a great guy like Drew.

  2. Theresa says:

    Drew does sound like a great catch. In your description of him through Miranda’s eyes you reinforce just how deep Miranda really is…the Miranda that Drew clearly saw from the start. It is a terrible thing to be misunderstood by others…even worse to misunderstand self and over look the qualities that make one truly special.


    • Linda says:

      Yes, Drew’s approach to caring for Miranda is all new to her. It feels good to be understood and treated like an equal.

      He would definitely be a good catch, but how is she going to fit all her pretty things into an old boat house?

  3. Larry Who says:

    “…Drew was 300 miles away, north by northwest of the city, and had no idea where to find her…”

    Pretty clever. First, you mention one of the greatest movies ever, then you sneak the title back into your story. Great hook for readers like me.

    Okay, I’m ready, Let’s turn the page.

    • Linda says:

      Larry, I posted this story at night without that line, thought of it in a dream, then got up and wrote it down.

      We writers are a strange bunch. ; )

  4. Debbie says:

    Oh Miranda is so far away! argh! So glad that she has someone willing to come look for her though! This is making me chew my already short nails, shorter! :) God bless you as you take us on this journey with you! love and hugs!

    • Linda says:

      She’s not just far away physically, but she’s on the edge of disaster emotionally, too. She likes Drew, trusts Drew, but as her mental state declines, that might not matter.

  5. .endtransmission. says:

    My concern will be if and when Drew does find Miranda, what will he find? Will she be too far away emotionally for them to finally get together? Seems like maybe they should…. But poor Miranda can’t seem to make good decisions right now. She’s down the rabbit hole…

    • Linda says:

      In so many ways Drew has found her already, maybe not in the streets of Detroit, but in a way that no one else has. Sadly, if she’s too far gone, all the Oreo’s in the world won’t matter.

  6. ann says:

    The first thing that came to my mind after reading was “uh-oh…” I’m waiting (read: sitting on the edge of my seat sweating beads) to hear what Drew says to Miranda’s mom…

    I’m not sure where to go with this one, so I’ll sit an wait. My instincts tell me this could be the beginning of disclosure, but I will just stay put until you reveal the next page. Talk about nail-biting…

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Linda says:

      Getting through an episode like this one, where alcohol sets off a bipolar episode, and the episode increases the desire to drink, is a real challenge… even for doctors who are experts in treating the disease.

      Anyone who gets close enough to try is setting themselves up for disappointment and heartache.

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