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What happened next Miranda couldn’t see coming.  The scope of this disaster would change the course of her life forever.  But sometimes even the worst circumstances  can turn out to be a blessing.  God had his eye on her even then…

Miranda was losing altitude before her plane touched down in Traverse City.  She thought about all the money she spent, the expensive clothes, the drunken nights, and the angry phone call with Charlie.  On the road back to Charlevoix an old familiar melancholy began to set in.  Staring out at the northern Michigan countryside she imagined the worst.  At least she had the money to cover the wreckage.  There was probably a bottle of lithium on her boat.  It had been months since she’d taken any. 

Miranda stopped at the post office to pick up her mail.  The clerk at the counter smiled, asked about her trip.  Miranda gave a brief account.  Her enthusiasm for life on the dock had waned since the storm, and now she just wanted to make it through the winter.  A case of bipolar depression might make that impossible.

She briefly looked through the newspapers,  plus a notice for an overdue library book and a credit card statement, a West Marine sale flyer, and a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  She noticed a postcard from Focus on the Family, a religious group.  How that landed in her mailbox she’ll never know.  She nodded goodbye to the clerk.

Once in her car, she grumbled about the cold, started the engine, and sat in the parking lot looking at last week’s headlines.  On the front page of Sunday’s society section there was a photo of a lady, early fifties, with a shy smile.  She wore a velvet dress, black with a portrait color, and a delicate diamond necklace.  Her auburn hair was in a loose up-do, her eyes shining.  She was pretty.  The man beside her wore a tuxedo and had a scar below one eye.  His wild red hair was neatly combed.  The man in the picture was her husband– it was Charlie Fine.

The caption read, “Annual charity ball brings in record donations to aid city’s homeless.  Pictured are Marianne and Charlie Fine, event co-chairmen.”

Miranda stared at the picture.  She squeezed her eyes shut wishing it would go away.  She broke it off with Charlie when he called the hotel last night and some ugly words were exchanged.  But that brought little comfort now.  Miranda looked at the picture of Charlie’s wife.  His wife. 

She was going to be sick, a migraine was gaining momentum .  Marianne Fine looked so happy, and for that matter, so did he.  No drink in his hand, no pinky ring.  Just a doting husband proud of his wife for wanting to make a difference.  On the night of the storm they were together raising money for families in need.  Miranda’s arms were too heavy to drive.  No wonder they called him “Judas.”

Miranda pulled into the lot at Jack’s Steakhouse.  She needed to collect herself– she ordered a double.  She looked out over the frozen Boat Basin. There were two police officers standing on the dock near Ron’s boat, one making notes on a clipboard.    She watched as Greg and Luke joined Ron and the officers. Miranda ran out of the bar, left without paying.  She took the stairs down to the marina two at a time.  She could see her breath, the cold air burning her lungs with new intensity.

She had a bad feeling.  Maybe the cops picked up that mysterious stranger for hanging out on the dock and needed to ask some questions.  It was about time they caught the guy.  Miranda ran down the ramp toward her friends and specifically recalled locking the door to her boat before she left.  Maybe everything would be okay.

“But the Lord was gracious to them and had compassion and showed concern for them because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  To this day he has been unwilling to destroy them or banish them from his presence.”  2 Kings 13:2 (NIV)

*This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 2012, Shoes for an Imaginary Life. All rights reserved.

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17 Responses to Newsflash

  1. Jan says:

    I have had a feeling that Charlie was a bum, but did not see *this* coming. Poor Marianne. Poor Miranda.
    Is she headed for another downward spiral? I hope not…but …it’s probably coming.

    • Linda says:

      There may be another crash looming, BUT… the author brought with her to Florida a box of old journals and notebooks looking ahead to Part II where God steps in and everything changes. (I am so excited looking through this stuff, I might be up all night.) What an exciting thing… to meet God. : ) : ) : )

  2. Theresa says:

    I am so hooked on this story. I am anxious to find out who this mystery man is, and myheart hurt for Miranda when she saw that picture.


    • Linda says:

      Yeh, he really was a rat. But Miranda took the bait. She never spoke to him again. At least she had that much sense… : )

  3. Linda, For a story that was only supposed to go on for 5 pages this has become quite the intriguing tale of excitement and woe. Poor Miranda – She seems to have a knack for finding the rotten guys. In my younger days, I could relate to that. It is exciting to see glimmers of God’s presence in her life even now, though, even if she doesn’t exactly recognize Him. Carry on, my dear! Can’t wait to read the rest. Peace, Linda

    • Linda says:

      Peace to you too, Linda. : ) Yes, Miranda was a jerk magnet, always satisfied to be arm candy and never a woman of honor, at least for now.

      Actually, once I wrote the first five pages, my therapist called it “cognitive processing” and urged me to continue. She is one of the most devout and loving Christian ladies I know, and I usually take her suggestions to heart.

      Those “glimmers” are so beautiful to reflect on… words cannot describe. : )

  4. Larry Who says:

    “…Maybe everything would be okay.”

    My guess is probably not.

    Okay, I’m ready let’s turn the page.

  5. .endtransmission. says:

    You DID NOT just leave me HANGING on that last sentence and the broken in door picture!!! Gaaahhhh!!! Fine. I’ll stay and read the next one. I have to now!

    • Linda says:

      Cool broken lock pic, I know. Some parts of the story are more true to life than others. That is a hint, my friend… : )

  6. Debbie says:

    I’m loving the way you are taking us on this journey! You put us there with Miranda and we get to feel it all. And I love the comments! It shows you how much you have us hooked! Thinking of you reading those journals . . .meeting God over and over again each day! :) God bless you and do amazing things in you and through you! love and hugs!

    • Linda says:

      I pray that He does amazing things in your world, too… plus alot of other stuff I know you would like. : )

      Here’s a challenge for you. I’ve searched through my NIV and all of Gateway for a verse to enhance the Newsflash story. Do you have any ideas? It’s the first time I’ve been really stuck.

      Thanks and hugs… : )

      • Debbie says:

        Oh, I am bible verse challenged already. haha! Since I’m in 2 Kings . .. here’s one right off the bat . . .but I’ll keep looking too!
        “But the Lord was gracious to them, had compassion on them, and regarded them, because of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and would not yet destroy them or cast them from His presence.” 2 Kings 13:23
        love and hugs and thanks!

        • Linda says:

          Look no further, my friend. This one is perfect! Adding it to “Newflash.” Thanks. : )

        • Linda says:

          I sat down to add that verse last night, got up to grab my Bible to read that chapter and got VERTIGO! Hit almost instantly. Sat with my head straight and still, eyes closed, for 90 MINUTES and finally could see well enough to post it. How weird is that. I haven’t had an episode in three years… Better today, thanks again. ; )

  7. Tara says:

    Okay, I think you have kept us waiting long enough. Can you post the next page, please? I am anxious to see where you are taking us next! I am greatly enjoying this journey you and Miranda are taking us on.

    • Linda says:

      Thanks, Tara. I’m enjoying it very much, too! Life is interesting… lots to write about. Hugs… : )

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