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Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

Did you know this was the actual working title of the Academy Award nominated film?  It was shot in North Central Ohio, mostly at the old Mansfield Reformatory out on Route 13.  This was a big deal for a small town and the small town … Continue reading

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Forget me not

          F orget me not A s summer fades, M emories of the morning I ‘ll bring to you. L et nostalgia carry me Y esterday and forward. M idnight recalls A  tapestry rare, T  imes tattered and woven T ogether like secrets kept. E  ach thread … Continue reading

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A miracle for Kenisha

I am very excited about the way God has answered my prayers and the prayers of many, who have been asking Him to help a young lady named Kenisha.  This is such wonderful news, I couldn’t wait to share it! The story begins with my favorite girlfriend, … Continue reading

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The Tonight Show

A little red-haired girl rang me up at the grocery store.  Recalling that she was quiet and shy, I broke the ice and asked her what grade she would be in this fall.  In a snippy tone, she announced that she had just … Continue reading

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Lisa is sinking…

She took a small velvet bag from her tiny bejeweled purse, new from Brighton this season.  But I don’t let her pretty accessories fool me.  Shopping for nice things is her favorite distraction. I’ve seen Lisa’s tiny drawstring pouch before, filled with … Continue reading

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Goodnight, bagpipe

The bartender made a bet.  He said anyone who could play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes would win 50-bucks, and there would be a free round of drinks all around. Obviously, it’s not everyday that you find a group of bagpipe players … Continue reading

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A tribute to my mom (who is now reading my blog)

One of my favorite times with my mom was six years ago when I took her shopping for her birthday.  While she likes nice shoes (like me), this shopping trip was to buy beads at the Indian store in Harbor Springs, … Continue reading

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I’m excited! I won a Versatile Blogger Award.

I’m so excited to accept this award, and humbly thank my three esteemed friends who sent it me.  They are Linda at Linda Kruschke’s Blog, Rea atbendedspoon, and  Theresa at Moore to Ponder.  For wisdom, humor, and a guaranteed smile, check out … Continue reading

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Hissing Muscovies… a duck story.

Everyone knows that urban sprawl has not been kind to the animals who would prefer to be living in their natural habitat.   Consider the two Muscovy ducks I just encounted on the sidewalk in Boca. I was pushing my tiny precious Yorkie, … Continue reading

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Wear cute boots and go Christmas shopping

Actually, you’ll need a smile, too.  Because if you’re going to get anything done the week before Christmas, it will give you a huge advantage over people who are grumpy, especially when you reach the check out line. Given the … Continue reading

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