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9/11– The old man who gave all

The old man at the end of the line was leaning on a cane and wore a cap with an insignia.  The old woman beside him was holding a coffee can. I was still asleep in LaLa Land when the World Trade Center was hit.  A … Continue reading

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A miracle for Kenisha

I am very excited about the way God has answered my prayers and the prayers of many, who have been asking Him to help a young lady named Kenisha.  This is such wonderful news, I couldn’t wait to share it! The story begins with my favorite girlfriend, … Continue reading

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The Tonight Show

A little red-haired girl rang me up at the grocery store.  Recalling that she was quiet and shy, I broke the ice and asked her what grade she would be in this fall.  In a snippy tone, she announced that she had just … Continue reading

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Bypass Botox, save a life

Of course, I’m not quitting Botox forever.  Instead, I’m taking a six month break, knowing that since you guys are my only friends, how I look behind my laptop still wearing my pajamas doesn’t really matter anyway. My plan is this:  For 40 units … Continue reading

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Dorothy’s Murder

There is a man named Judd McKelvey serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife.  When I was in high school, I worked for him. I was a junior at Fort Hayes School for the Performing Arts in Columbus, Ohio.  Judd was the … Continue reading

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Michele’s migraines and my expert opinion

I was thinking about Michele Bachmann and those migraine headaches that don’t slow her down…  God bless you Michele, and your prospective run for the White House.  You’re a better woman than I am if you can gut it out … Continue reading

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Freudian slip… psychoanalysis and me

Whenever I’m feeling tired and blue, I wonder if there is some kind of bipolar chaos looming ahead… waiting to drain the color right out of my fabulous make believe world, the pendulum swinging once again, trying to drag me under. On this … Continue reading

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I wear dark glasses so you won’t see me…

I quickly can disguise myself, the friend you cannot see. Whose eyes are covered stylishly behind the shades, that’s me. I wear dark glasses out to lunch, in stores when I go shopping. I leave them on in bed at … Continue reading

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Lisa is sinking…

She took a small velvet bag from her tiny bejeweled purse, new from Brighton this season.  But I don’t let her pretty accessories fool me.  Shopping for nice things is her favorite distraction. I’ve seen Lisa’s tiny drawstring pouch before, filled with … Continue reading

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Evil at heart, details at 11…

Tonight I’m conflicted.  There are so many networks covering details of the Casey Anthony murder trial, I don’t know which one to watch to keep my anger fresh. This rant is raw, so skip it if you want.  No hard feelings, I promise. … Continue reading

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